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Well, it looks like I have P.D.D (Piratanic Dependancy Disorder) lol - No it's not a real thing, but oh well - If you've asked me to seed one of my torrents, I'll check soon to see if I've still got them (new computer, some may be inaccessible).

P.S For those trying to access my website right now, the domain has expired; I'll be mitigating all the files to a new (free) domain soon.

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Advanced Search Commands

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Updated: 30th June 2015

In order to refine your search and/or use an external program/website to search torrents on KAT, you can use these commands:

Note: For searching descriptions/file contents, please use my search/redirector service

For all commands, lowercase letters must be used

-word - Title does not contain this word
An Idiot -Abroad
Will return any torrent which title contains both 'An' and 'Idiot' but will ignore any result that contains 'Abroad' - See it for yourself here

user:"name" - Torrents that have been uploaded by a specific user
Will return all the torrents uploaded by me - See it for yourself here

(command:)"search term" - command uses all of these words *Updated* (09/03/2013)
Instead of looking at just the first word for the command and the second word as what to search, both words are used in the command (like in the above function, user: if a username contains spaces)
- See the difference for yourself (between this and this)

seeds:number - Minimal seeds filter
Will return all torrents with at least 1000 seeds - See it for yourself here

age:hour/24h/week/month/year - Added in the past ...
Will return all torrents uploaded within the past hour - See it for yourself here

files:number - number of files in the torrent
Will only return torrents that have exactly 10 files - See it for yourself here

imdb:number - Searches all torrents associated with a imdb number (7 digits)
Will return torrents for the film 'Carmencita' - See it for yourself here

language:"name" - Returns movies and tv shows in the respective language, NOTE: All language names are in English
Will return tv/movie torrents that have French audio (includes torrents with French and other languages) - See it for yourself here | For a full list of languages, click here

is_safe:1 - Turns on the 'family safe filter' (Pornographic torrents are hidden) ; Disabled by default
Will return torrents in all categories except XXX - See it for yourself here (please note: the result is not noticeable unless searching for something specific, it is also the only way to have the 'family safe filter' turned on for an rss)

verified:0/1 - 0 shows only unverified torrents, 1 shows only verified torrents
Will return all torrents that have been verified - See it for yourself here

season:number - Returns torrents associated as any episode from season/series number of a tv show
An Idiot Abroad season:1
Will return torrent for any episode from season 1 of 'An Idiot Abroad' - See it for yourself here

episode:number - Returns torrents associated as season/series number of a tv show
An Idiot Abroad episode:1
Will return torrents for episode 1 in any series of 'An Idiot Abroad - See it for yourself here

platform:"name" - Returns torrents associated with a certain console/system such as Android, iPad, Playstation 3
Will return all torrents uploaded to the sub-category 'PC' - See it for yourself here | For a full list of platforms, click here

category:name - Returns torrents uploaded to a specific category
Will return all torrents uploaded to the main category 'TV' - See it for yourself here

genre:"name" - Returns movies associated with a specific genre *Updated* (30/06/2015)
genre:"Sci Fi" element
Will return any torrent with 'element' in the title, providing that it's genre is 'Sci Fi' (In case you haven't realised, this will mostly return torrents for the fifth element) - See it for yourself here | For a full list of genres, click the following for here.

tvgenre:"name" - Returns tv associated with a specific genre *Updated* (30/06/2015)
tvgenre:"horror supernatural"
Will return all tv of the genre 'Horror Supernatural' Quotation marks are needed for multiword genres - See it for yourself here | For a full list of genres, click the following for here.

bookgenre: - Returns books associated with a specific genre *New* (30/06/2015)
Will return all books of the genre 'Arts & Photography' Use underscores _ instead of spaces - See it for yourself here | For a full list of genres, click here and scroll down to 'Books'

animegenre:"name" - Returns anime associated with a specific genre *New* (30/06/2015)
animegenre:"calling your attacks"
Will return all anime of the genre 'Calling Your Attacks' Quotation marks are needed for multiword genres - See it for yourself here | For a full list of genres, click here and scroll down to 'Anime'

It is also possible to use more than one command in a single search, for example:
Top Gear category:tv age:week
Will return torrents uploaded to the main category 'TV' within the past week that have either 'Top' or 'Gear' in the title - See it for yourself here

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